We’re with you – faulty software is our biggest frustration. That’s why we’re in the business to build software that works – and to fix it when it doesn’t.

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President & CEO

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Case Study: IT Infrastructure for a Global Distribution System

Morgan 6 is known for using creative technology solutions to address the toughest business challenges. Case in point: Morgan 6 partnered with a leading manufacturer to develop the information technology system needed to seamlessly manage a global distribution network. The system enables operations managers to track shipments wherever they are on the globe – all from a centrally managed, cloud-based interface.

Incorporating Linux, PHP, MySQL, and advanced security protocols, the system required technical versatility to develop – but a user would never know that because of its simple and accessible interface. This is the Morgan 6 way: we deal with the complexity so that you can focus on your business.

When clients ask Morgan 6 to develop software or “look under the hood,” they do so with confidence. They know we’ll write code with security front of mind. And they also know we’ll diagnose and discuss their problems in plain English – not technical jargon. We deal in complexity, but we talk honestly and clearly.Doug Ross, CEO