Morgan 6 is known for using creative technology solutions to address the toughest business challenges. Case in point: Morgan 6 partnered with a leading manufacturer to develop the information technology system needed to seamlessly manage a global distribution network. The system enables operations managers to track shipments wherever they are on the globe – all from a centrally managed, cloud-based interface.

Morgan 6 tackles every project with security front of mind. That’s why the system employs a role-based access model that ensures only the appropriate individuals have access to sensitive information. But the system is also highly functional: it features geographic and temporal tracking, automated notification capabilities, and identity-based verification. The system is also fully functional when users are on the go: Morgan 6 developed mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms. Even on mobile devices, the system enables extensive local GIS processing (collecting, processing and loading imagery); data conversion, maintenance, and report generation; and transmission of data back to the cloud.

Incorporating Linux, PHP, MySQL, and advanced security protocols, the system required technical versatility to develop – but a user would never know that because of its simple and accessible interface. This is the Morgan 6 way: we deal with the complexity so that you can focus on your business.

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